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It is strong in math and logic. It is analytical. It is important when you analyze data arising from business operations, customer interactions and feedback on products. It is vital when the analyzed data is used to recommend solutions that enable to enhance operational efficiency, customer services and quality of products and services.

At Clover Analytics, we are very much in sync with our left brain.


It is creative. It thinks various possibilities and is very intuitive. It thinks out of the box. It provides a unique perspective and presents solutions in an easily comprehensible fashion. It helps unearth some of the best insights that fasten the informed decision making process.

At Clover Analytics, everything is right about our right brain.


If it is in place, work is done with integrity, commitment and a zeal for excellence.  And it propels you to always do the right thing.

Clover Analytics has a heart. And, it ensures that the customer always wins!


Intuition in Business is abstract, data is real. We tap into data to drive the reality of the future.

It is often said, do what you love and you will never regret- data is our love and we love to play with it. We are a team of young and vibrant individuals dedicated to the cause of data science. We love agile and enjoy extreme experimentation. Our deep focus is on the impact our recommendations have on business strategy. We come to work everyday to help businesses extract “knowledge” available in the form of “information” at their disposal.

We make facts more transparent, insights more valuable and ultimately decisions more informed and efficient.

Some facts:

Founded – With passion for technology, love for data and over 20 years of experience in managing customer data

Team Size – We are a team of 70 expert number crunchers backed by over 1000 technology experts across platforms and domains

Industries – Banking, Insurance, Financial Services and Retail; however if you are not from any of these, we will still definitely have something for you.

Technology – We have expertise on the Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL like MongoDB, SPARC, Pentaho as well as Oracle, SAP Hana, SAS and Informatica


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Some Facts

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Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

We come in early and consult our clients right from setting up their data capture and storage systems. Our expertise in Data Management stems from our 20+ years of experience in managing client’s data. We can partner in Application Development, Data(base) Integration, Data Quality and Management and Data Health Auditing.

Bigdata Adoption

Bigdata Adoption

Wherever you are in the Data Analytics journey, we provide frameworks at every touch point to ensure you traverse the path the most optimum way. We can partner in creating a roadmap for Big Data Adoption - identifying technology platforms, defining milestones and use cases for different lines of businesses, building prototypes for efficacy assessments and setting priorities for phase-wise execution for continuous improvement.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

We can partner in ideation, creation and implementation of a specific business use case defined through rigorous consultation and deliberation. Our team of Data Scientists, Modelers and Technology Platform experts will ensure that you achieve quantifiable results and our Industry experts will continuously add the qualitative aspect to project adoption.

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